Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Convinced

I had my first garage sale-ing experience this past Saturday. I can't count how many I ended up going to. I made quite a few note cards with addresses and mini-maps with the times each garage sale was open and whether it was a multi-family or not. I didn't even get to all the ones I put on note cards though, because I found so many others along the way that hadn't been listed on garage sale tracker or craig's list. That's ok - I did have an enjoyable morning (even if my body wasn't ready to be up that early).

So... here is what I found:
pink "toolbox"?: $1
mail sorter: $2
beanie babies: $0.25 (each)
red organizer: $0.50

total: $4

Best thing about all of this is that my hubby totally approves of my new hobby - and he's always weary of my spending habits. Fortunately he saw that I showed some restraint (I didn't fill the entire car with crap), and that I really enjoyed the hunt. So.... I'm convinced that not only is this worth my time, but it's fun too!

Edited to include:
I just linked up for the first time over at Southern Hospitality. Check out Rhoda's blog and see what others have found.


  1. Love the pink toolbox! I would've grabbed it myself. Glad you had fun on your first garage sale outing!

  2. The pink toolbox is my favorite as well..and that mail sorter would be so pretty painted! By the way, the kids call me Mrs.K at school as well!

  3. Was fun, wasn't it? Balance between car full of stuff/bargains is a game we all play to keep the husband happy!!!!!! Happy Thrifty Monday.

  4. Oh, I'm glad your first time out was a good one!! I love it when you girls decide to give yardsaling a try. It is so much fun and addicting. My hubby doesn't mind my hobby either, he sees how much less I spend this way.